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White Choc Superfood Rocky Road

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A healthier take on a much loved treat, packed with wholesome oven-roasted nuts and seeds, plus coconut & goji berries. Unintentionally festive in colour(!) this indulgent yet nutritious snack is packed with superfoods and encased in decadent white chocolate. A perfect, one-handed pick me up for any new parent! 

Each pack contains 5 pieces of rocky road.

Contains tree nuts (almonds, pistachios) & dairy (white chocolate). 



almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, goji berries, coconut flakes, salt, white chocolate, coconut oil

Contains tree nuts (almonds, pistachios) & dairy (white chocolate).

Okay, so the white choccy is purely because you deserve something yummy and sugarry! But these are also full of nutritious nuts and seeds - so you absolutely should have no guilt gobbling these down. Nuts and seeds are natures superfoods - they're full of healthy fats, minerals and are such an essential part of a mummas diet to support recovery and replenish stores lost throughout pregnancy and birth. Goji berries are a great antioxidant boost too - with anti-inflammatory and immune fighting properties.

This snack comes in a compostable container with compostable film.

Our meals are delivered frozen, in a cardboard box with a woolpack liner.

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