The Baby Days

Taking care of mum so she can take care of her baby.

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Family Friendly

Partner wants in? Got a toddler running around? All our meals come in generous containers serving approx 2-3 people. If not... more leftovers for you!

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Nutritionist Designed

All our meals have been curated by a Nutritionist to be nutrient dense and contain foods that target common postpartum concerns such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, physical recovery and more.

The Perfect Gift

Send food not onesies! Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, warm and nutritious comfort food is such a welcome gift during the whirlwind of new parenthood.

Our philosophy

It really does takes a village.

Early motherhood is no doubt beautiful, transformative and eye opening. But let's face it, it can be really hard. Women are often navigating sleep deprivation, major hormonal shifts, sore leaky nipples, nappies (not just for the baby) and nutritional depletion.

Proper nutrition is so important during this time, not just for physical healing, but for mental clarity, hormonal balance, energy levels and replenishing all the stores that have been lost throughout pregnancy, birth and now breastfeeding (if this is how you are feeding). Research has also shown that certain nutrient deficiencies, such as iron and zinc, can increase a woman's risk of postnatal depression and anxiety.

All our meals are very nutrient dense to cover all bases and provide our customers with a vast range of nutrients, particularly those that are commonly depleted postpartum. We also include a diverse range of plant based foods which is optimal for gut and overall health.

We are here to lighten the load, think of us as part of your modern day village.

The face behind the biz

Hello! I am Alex, the face behind The Baby Days. I have always had a big love of food, cooking and the amazing way that what we eat can impact our bodies down to mood, skin, energy and so on. So much so I completed a Bachelor of Nutrition Science Degree at Deakin University in Melbourne to become a Nutritionist. This coincided with becoming a Mum to my little girl Charlie.

I guess you could say these two worlds collided and The Baby Days was created. I went into motherhood fairly blind and I learned so much on the journey, particularly how little I knew and how unprepared I was for early motherhood. Also just how incredible mums really are - they are superhumans! I have formed a strong belief in the 'fourth trimester' being a precious time for mothers to rest, recover and spend time bonding with bub. It is also a crucial time of replenishment for the body and I am so passionate about making sure mummas are well fed!

How it works


Place your order via our website. Be sure to get your orders in by Sunday evening for delivery the following Tuesday. Please note, we are currently very busy and have been reaching capacity in advance and having to close orders early! We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Alternatively you can preorder for a future week.


All our meals are batch cooked and frozen immediately to preserve taste and nutrient content. We are cooking weekly to keep our freezers stocked!


All orders are delivered on a Tuesday between 10am-4pm. You will get a text message when your delivery is at your front door. Our bundles are delivered in a woolpack lined box to keep your delivery frozen until you are able to get to it.

We use seasonal, local & organic ingredients where possible.

All our meal packaging is either recyclable or compostable. We will be continually evaluating how we operate to see if we can do better.

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