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Bamboo Breast Pads by Oats and Peaches

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Beautifully handmade by an Aussie mumma (Oats and Peaches). 

Each pair is comprised of a double layer of incredibly soft bamboo terry towelling, an absorbant layer of flannel, a waterproof layer to ensure no leakage and a beautifully patterned cotton outer layer.

This particular bamboo fabric is eco-friendly and ethically sourced from an Australian company. It is biodegradable, antibacterial, breathable, absorbant and deodorising. They are perfect for soaking up moderate amounts of letdown while breastfeeding, as well as acting as a soft barrier against your skin. 

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All our meals are batch cooked and frozen immediately to preserve nutrient content and taste. We are cooking weekly to keep our freezer stocks up!


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All our meal packaging is either recyclable or compostable. We will be continually evaluating how we operate to see if we can do better but we are committed to honouring the natural environment as best we can.